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Stink Eye: Makes you more Consistent

Consistent staring owl

I need a way to be more consistent and I’m betting you’re also looking to be more consistent.

We’ve all heard the sayings about being consistent and keeping at things. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean they said. Still, we procrastinate.

So my idea is a really fun way to be more consistent. If you want a more serious/detailed way, read this article or this other one.

A Consistent Problem

The problem is that we don’t account to anyone. It’s a lot easier to procrastinate if no one knows. I find that I keep to my word when it affects others but I can’t be accountable to myself.

It’s far too easy to give yourself a crap excuse and break a consistent cycle than to give the same crap reason to others. If I had not told so many people about this “An Idea a Day” challenge, I probably would have defaulted for some stupid reason.

The Solution

A really simple app. You set a goal, say what consistent action is necessary to achieve that goal, and say how you’ll prove that you carried out the action.

It’s connected to your Facebook account so all your friends (or some you specify) can view your goal. They’ll also be able to check if you ever default and what reason you gave for defaulting.

I think it’s time we put peer pressure to good use eh? All the people that strive for social approval, try and get outta this one 😂.

Where’s the Stink Eye?

Whenever you default, there’s a collection of stink eye gifs that play. The less consistent you are, the worse the stink eye.

Have fun with it. Upload your custom gifs. You don’t want to disappoint your mom? Set a gif of her most disappointed look to play when you default. Have a group project? Set a group gif to play for any defaulters.

I promise this will make you more consistent!!!.

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