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Nigerian Digital Education

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Digital Education: The Need

In Nigeria, it is common knowledge that the state of education is in need of a revolution. Most of the schools lack proper infrastructure and the curriculums are mostly outdated.

In this information age, such education is both inadequate and unsustainable.

It has also become obvious that the rot in the educational system is far too big for the government to handle and it will then fall in the hands of several enterprising individuals.

The Solution

In reading this article

The internet and the future of education in Nigeria,

I came upon my idea for the day.

The solution that came to my head is that, with the falling costs of data and the increasing tech acceptance in Nigeria, a digital learning platform can be used to bridge this gap.

The entirety of the course will be online and progress will be made by completing real-world tasks and projects. It won’t be marked by a team of professors, rather it will be by overcoming set milestones.

It would be left for anyone willing to pass through it at their own pace and it should be structured in a way that at after completing the milestones, the necessary skills would have been acquired.

The Process

What is needed to survive in each industry is outlined by the leading companies, and the schools make curriculums targeted at gaining these skills.

The companies can go a further step by offering internship opportunities for students in these courses.

Gone will be the days where the textbooks used to teach are 30 years old. The companies can go a further step by offering internship opportunities for students in these courses.

The entire course will be online, and progress will be tracked mostly by completing real-world activities and projects.

I am reluctant to recommend issuing certificates because,

  1. That means too many hurdles with the ministry of education and NUC.
  2. The average Nigerian is overly attached to certificates. There may be those who decide to enroll only to acquire the certificate.

Instead, students will be taught to collaborate with others to work on real life projects.
Before work begins on the projects, the companies will approve the ones they like the most and fund the carrying out of the project.

This is my idea for the day. What do you think?

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