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Cron Job pt 2: Social Service

social service

Cron jobs!!! So today’s idea is actually an extension of my idea for 10/7/16. It was a way to get a service done on schedule.

So. I was discussing that idea with a couple friends and 2 issues kept coming up.

1. How to Verify the Service Men

Idea! Social proof!

Apart from getting scanned copies of their ID cards and utility bill to verify their names and addresses, every service man’s profile is tied to his Facebook profile.

People can endorse service men as experts in their field. The app will have a function where the service man asks his facebook friends to endorse him on the App. PS: This is also a way to gain popularity.

The users of the app can view who voted him up and who left a review. If any of his friends are there, the person calls his friend to ask his experience with that service man.

This should make it harder for people to game the system because;

  • There is a limit to people willing to create fake facebook profile to leave fake reviews/endorsements.
  • The main trigger is when a friend of the client has endorsed the service man.

2. How the Service is Priced

Each service man sets his hourly fee. Obviously, the people with the highest ratings cost the most.

Newbies would likely set their prices lower to attract more clients.

But for this to work, 3 people will be recommended one who is relatively costly, one closer to the average and another who is relatively cheap.

If the user is extremely impressed with the service man, he can specify that the he will be the one to come do the job every time the cron job has to run.

So these are my improvements on the original idea.

What do you think. Cool or Crap?


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